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Paint the Walls

Installation & Safety 

Wneon always make  amazing signs for you

Our team is working safely with best-practice social distancing in place, with the majority in home-based offices where they are fully set up to take your calls and fulfill your online orders. Our designers are working overtime to produce custom made LED neon signs, made to order according to your specifications.


How to hang your Neon sign

You've received your amazing Neon sign. You've plugged it in, turned it on, and have been wowed by the Neon glow of your new masterpiece. 
Now what? Before you get started, here are a few things to no…

Neon Safety signs are designed to be safe to use as a light, or enjoyed as a piece of art. They are cool to the touch, and are made from acrylic and led tubing rather than glass. While our N…

How to use the Remote Control Dimmer Neon comes with a remote control dimmer to control the brightness and flash of your Neon! 
The remote control you receive will vary depending on the size and type of Neon Sign you…

Are Neon signs safe?

Yes! The LED Neon tubing that is used in all Neon signs means that your sign will be cool to the touch. Unlike a traditional neon sign, there is no gas or glass to worry about, and are…

How To Operate My Neon Sign

You've hung up your Neon sign in the perfect position, exactly where you've been dreaming of hanging it for months! Now what? Simply plug it in and turn it on. Neons are designed to be…

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